Why optimizeing your workflow ?

A good workflow will in most cases mean that you can edit yours pictures faster and easier. There are many ways to edit your images on, the easy and demanding way. It can quickly become a bit overwhelming to work with Photoshop, and get to know the program.


What is Photoshop actions ?

Photoshop actions make your workflow faster and easy to edit an image in Photoshop. It allows you not to be a Photoshop nerd, to get a good result.

Basically the actions is a faster shortcut to do a task in Photoshop. The the actions is doing the work for you, by just one click. This is a effective way to work sometimes, instead of doing it manually.


Review: Sleeklens Landscape Actions Adventure Collection

I have tried their Landscape Actions, and would like to make a short review.

  • Installation : The installation went very quickly, and was easy. Sleeklens has an intro video, how to get started with their product. Here is a link to the installation 


  • First impression: My first impression was generally good. I think that the actions works well, with a good overview of the various features. It is easy, which I think is really good. In the long-term it will make my workflow better and faster.


  • I would recommend it: Yes, I would like to recommend this product to others, that I think gives a better workflow. This product can make a difference with your editing time, with an easier workflow in Photoshop. Actions are also a general good help if you are not a super user in Photoshop.



 Buy it here, and support my photography:

Landscape Adventure Actions (For Photoshop) 


The Lightroom Collection (For Lightroom)



Sleeklens has made a great video, take a look at get inspired.


See more on Sleeklens.com- try them out