Print is the key

I believe that a printed picture is stronger that a digital image on a device. Printing your work is the ultimate goal, that every photograph deserves, and yourself.

The feel you get be seeing and toching a photograph, is a feeling you cannot get by looking on a screen.

As a photographer the final printet image is the last step in the process in making af a photograph, and the last step to get right feeling.



I recently took advantage of an offer I found online, to test out a Aludibond print  from a company called Saal Digital .


Saal Digital is a German company specializing in printing services includes cards, photo prints,wallart,posters, photo books and more.



 About Aludibond

Aludibond is a photo printet on a aluminum plate made i 3 layers (2 aluminium layers + 1 polyethylene)


Advantages of Alu-Dibond

  • No frame necessary
  • Light & stable
  • Professional printing
  • Can hang outside
  • Top quality photo reproduction can be mounted “floating” on the wall




The ordering software was easy to use and download. It did not take long to upload the files, and set it up to print.


Delivery and wrapping

It took a week to deliver the pictures, from I ordered them. It was okay, but I would like a shorter delivery time. The pictures were well packaged and protected. Very nice and everything was in perfect condition

The Print

I was really excited to see the 2 prints I have ordered. I was really pleased to see the quality and see the pictures for the first time in a print edition. It’s not the last time I get printed pictures with aludibond.

Quality and expectations

The quality of the print is very nice, aludibond gives a completely different experience than print on paper. My expectations were very high for the print, and I think the result was almost perfect. The images might be a little darker than expected, even though the icc profile has been used as well as screen calibration. But i am  very happy for the end result.


I highly recommend Saal Digital, which I think provides some nice products, and they have a great customer service.