Welcome to my new Blog – Landscape Photography

I hope that  I with this blog can show what is interesting to me about photography and what’s happening around me.
Photograph of Lasse Andersen

Lasse Andersen Photographer

What is photography for me…

Photography has been a great interest for many years, both as a photographer and the technical part of it.

There are many areas of photography, and things you can immerse yourself in. Throughout my time as an amateur photographer, I have tried different areas. It has given me a good understanding of the use of the equipment, as well as how to tell a history with an image. Photography gives me a space on busy day with work and family. The tranquility of the immersion and the creativity behind the camera attracts me.


sea and stones

Into the Blue


Why landscape photographer…

Yes, why not … after I started photographing the nature, I can not get enough.

There are many elements in landscape photography that are  fun – challenging – and surprisingly. Far from all photo trips are giving a good picture.

The perfect shot, is sometimes hard to get. But when you hit the spot, you are not in doubt.

It has given a lot of good experiences, as well as another way of seeing nature. I love to see the nature, and how power full it can be.



Lighthouse by the harbour

The way through….

How to get inspired…

Being creative is not always the easiest part
My inspiration comes from

These places can provide me good inspiration, which allows for planning new places to take pictures, as well as start to see when the location is at its best.


ligthouse and camera by the harbour



Upcomming …

  • Webshop with prints that I hope to launch in the fall
  • Phototrip to Thy National Park
  • Review of my prints



Hope you want to see more, because I’m looking forward to blogging

sunrise by the water

Point of view